You can visit our showroom, or you can ask us to come to your home. In that way we’re able to give you professional advice based on your existing home interior. We observe and analyze your home interior and perfectly match it with our rugs, couches and window decoration. Everything needs to be perfect, colors need to match with each other, even into the smallest detail.

We match the colors, the sizes and the materials, in order to reach perfection. It’s a common fact that people buy something they like, but when they place the item in their interiors, it doesn’t match, at all. Be sure to make use of our experience and ask for a homevisit before buying a Pazyryk. If needed we leave a sample behind so you can see it by day or by night. The lightning on a rug can be totally different by day than by night. Take this in count.

Jesse Labeur

If you would like to book a homevisit, leave your contact details on the contact page.