Young artistic woman in black paint and colourful powder. Glowing dark makeup. Creative body art on the theme of space and stars. Bodypainting project: art, beauty, fashion

Our luxurious handmade rugs are made of the finest materials in the world. It’s the unique combination of ancient spinning techniques and superior materials that bring our carpets to the highest level of haute-couture carpets.

Carpet Techniques

Each one of our carpets has its own mesmerizing design that leaves an unforgettable and addictive impression behind. We believe our creations are an expression of what we experience, see, feel and smell.

When you buy a Pazyryk, you buy history. Ancient weaving techniques combined with the latest tuft techniques, selected premium wools and astonishing designs inspired by traditions & innovations.

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These inspiring techniques is something we acknowledged and recognized with a few other manufacturers across the world. Therefore, we joined forces and expanded our assortment with premium couches and beautiful window decoration. We’ve selected these partners with the same fastidiousness as we select our wools.

Window decoration

Our premium assortment of couches is a selection of the finest and most ergonomic designs. We ensure that our couches are comfortable furniture designed and built to last for many years.

Pazyryk - Couches