We use highly exclusive materials combined with ancient and modern weaving, and tufting knotted techniques to ensure each carpet of its own unique character. We do this by continuously watching over the quality of the entire process. Our artists create them by using 3 different techniques.

Tufting is an old American technique developed in the 50’s. When tufting, a pneumatic force is used to press a U-shaped piece of the yarn trough a latex backing. The height of the pile is altered by cutting the yarns shorter or leaving it longer. This artisanal technique is commonly used for residential purpose.

Wool Studio
weaving and manufacturing of handmade carpets closeup

Hand Knotted

The cream of the crop when it comes to rugs and carpets are hand knotted rugs. A hand knotted rug is made on a loom. A skilled weaver individually ties every single knot to create intricate patterns and designs and can knot about 8000 knots per day.

Injection technique

The injection technique is the most modern technique of all 3. It’s a technique where the paint is injected directly into the ground cloth. This entire process is submitted by specialized software to safeguard the proportions. We use this technique when rugs need to be wear-resistant.

Our 2 most important carpet brands are The Woolstudio and Lf Trading.

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